August 3, 2015



Cilla Black: TV presenter and singing star dies aged 72

The iconic showbiz star – whose impressive career spanned over 50 years and enjoyed musical hits as well as shows Blind Date and Surprise Surprise – has passed away.

Surprise Surprise and Blind Date star Cilla Black has died aged 72, it was announced today.

Cilla, who also had two number one singles at the start of a showbiz career stretching over 50 years, died in Spain.

A Spanish police spokeswoman confirmed today that Cilla had died at her home Spain, The Mirror reports.

She said: “I can confirm the death of British national Priscilla White, aged 72.”

“We are still awaiting autopsy results but everything at this stage is pointing towards her death being the result of natural causes.”

Cilla – a long term friend of fellow TV presenter Paul O’Grady and other LGBT sta

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August 3, 2015



Tributes flood in for ‘national treasure’ Cilla Black

Tributes to the iconic singer and TV presenter have rolled in from across the entertainment industry and political world.

Surprise Surprise and Blind Date star Cilla Black has died aged 72, it was announced today.

Cilla, who also had two number one singles at the start of a showbiz career stretching over 50 years, died in Spain.

A Spanish police spokeswoman confirmed today that Cilla had died at her home Spain, The Mirror reports.

She said: “I can confirm the death of British national Priscilla White, aged 72.”

Tributes have poured in for the star, with First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon and Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Sajid Javid highlighting just how many childhoods Cilla had been a part of.


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August 3, 2015


Ruby Rose apologises for attacking Australian PM


The Orange Is The New Black star has apologised to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott for branding him a “bigot” over his approach to marriage equality.

In an interview with Diva magazine last year, the Justin Bieber lookalike took aim at the politician, saying, “Don’t get me started on gay rights back home! Our Prime Minister is a sexist bigot. So equality is going to take some time.”

But that was not the first time she had attacked Abbot – the actress tweeted in 2013 that Abbott was a “drunk moron”.

“You are like a drunk moron who spills out of a pub and spews on the ground,” she added.

“You are that spew. That spew is you.”

However, when quizzed on the subject again recently, Rose told of her regrets at attacking the Australian leader and apologised making personal attacks, <a href="

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August 3, 2015


Paul O’Grady pays tribute to ‘sister’ Cilla Black


Paul O’Grady has paid an emotional tribute to the entertainer Cilla Black – saying she was “like a sister”.

The Surprise Surprise and Blind Date host died yesterday at the age of 72, at her home in Spain.

There has been an outpouring of condolences and public tributes to the star – with TV host Paul O’Grady speaking about his deep connection with his Merseyside “sister”.

Paying tribute to Cilla, he told reporters: “We’ve been friends for nearly 20 years. She’s like my sister.

“We had a week together in Barbados at the beginning of the year and I saw her on my birthday.

“I thought she was well. I can’t believe it to tell you the truth… I kept telling her she’d outlive us all. She’s such a strong lady.”

He said that the entertainer had struggled with hearing loss in recent year

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August 3, 2015


TV is getting a black gay superhero


A gay, African-American superhero is set to debut on the TV show ‘Arrow’.

The popular show – which has already featured the openly bisexual Canary, Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) – teased the introduction of another out superhero in its fourth season.

DC’s Geoff Johns told DC that in the upcoming year, the show will feature Mr Terrific – a superhero traditionally depicted as having a photographic memory and the ability to learn new skills incredibly quickly.

Johns told Digital Spy he will become part of the Green Arrow team, saying: “He’s going to work with Felicity, be a good friends of hers.

“We’re often asked when we’re going to add another LGBT character to the show and our version of Mr Terrific happens to be gay for anyone that cares about that kind of stuff.”

Ben & Kate star Echo Kellum has been cast in the role, playing the genius and Jus

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August 3, 2015


Alan Sugar slams Katie Hopkins over Cilla Black tweet


Sugar has hit out his former Apprentice candidate Katie Hopkins after she mocked celebrities paying their respects for Cilla Black on Twitter.

Twitter’s self dubbed “Queen of Controversy” sparked outrage yesterday when she posted a sarcastic tweet attacking stars who were in a “rush to gush”.

She tweeted: “If there are any celebrities who haven’t yet tweeted their sadness over Cilla, please report to Sincerity Services immediately #rushtogush.”

The comment was greeted with understandable outrage, leading Hopkins’ one-time potential employer to hit out at the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant.

Alongside a retweet of another of her posts – “understand people love Cilla. But the race to

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August 2, 2015


PHOTOS: Vintage Gay Couples Help Preserve Our Vibrant Queer History


French film auteur Sébastien Lifshitz has combed through vintage photos at garage sales and flea markets and eBay for more than 20 years, amassing a collection of old queer life. We have no idea who the people in his pictures are, but we have at least a little glimpse into a world that was, somehow, preserved.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.14.26 PM

Gazing through these photos introduces a new mystery: who took them, and why did such potentially risky images survive after leaving the photographer’s hands?

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-372273" src="

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August 2, 2015


‘Looking’ Cancelation Was Very Painful For HBO’s Gay President


looking-renewed-season-2I thought the show, creatively, was really doing something that I hadn’t seen on any other show, particularly dealing with gay lives. As a gay man, in particular, I was very proud that there was a show that felt like it was dealing very honestly and openly with gay men and their lives, without putting them into a comedic mode.”

HBO prez Michael Lombardo <a href="

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August 2, 2015


Sneak Peek: The Sexy Freedom Reigns Team Hits Malibu


beach-swim-1886There’s a new Freedom Reigns video coming soon to a screen near you. But we at The Underwear Expert are much too impatient for that. So in the meantime, we decided to treat you to a sneak peek. Where our exclusive featured some of Freedom Reigns’ 2015 swimwear and apparel, the new Freedom Reigns video will also throw in Tech-Fit Shorts and iCandy underwear into the mix.

This time the gang heads to Malibu, land of sun, sand, and a healthy dose of sex appeal. We catch a glimpse of the ultra trendy G-Force Cropped Pants and even a

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August 2, 2015


Caitlyn Jenner ‘lives in a bubble’ say trans friends (VIDEO)


The former Olympian’s friends have voiced their worries after the star expressed her conservative political views.

Jenner, 65 – who has been praised for using her recognition to help the trans community – is shown asking her friends about the challenges trans people face in a new clip from her TV show I am Cait.

Discussing the biggest issues members of the trans community face, Jenner asks: “What’s the big issue?”

“They’re homeless and unemployed, so it’s just going to take a lot more,” says one.

Another woman suggests focusing on entry-level jobs, “so that these girls have some alternative if they wanted.”

Jenner responds to their concerns by sharing her conservative views – leading to some raised eyebrows,

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