Doctor Who: 10 Questions That Need Answering From The Day Of The Doctor Trailers

November 12, 2013

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Doctor Who 50th Sonic Screwdrivers

At long last, after enduring the heartache of watching Comic-Con come and go (unless you were fortunate enough to attend the event itself), foaming at the mouth during the Peter Capaldi announcement and no doubt watching a wave of quality fan-made trailers for the special itself, the official trailers for the Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary special, ‘The Day of the Doctor’, are finally out on the web. If you’re a fan of the show then you’ve got to be excited but if you’re that other type of fan, you’ve watched it about ten times already and can’t stop obsessing over the tiny details that could potentially be clues. I, unashamedly I might add, am that kind of fan.

Naturally any trailer is going to raise questions, but Moffat’s ways have drove many of us crazy with his attention to detail and foreshadowing, so this article is going to try and pick out the biggest questions we want the answers to. To avoid confusion, I’m dealing with both of the trailers and attaching pictures for each point, especially useful when some of this stuff doesn’t stay on screen for long. If you haven’t seen it already, watch the extended trailer below!

All ready? Good. Let’s start with…

10. Are We Going To Get Time War Details?

Doc 101

The trailer brought confirmation after some heavily hinting promo pictures that the Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks will be the focus of the anniversary special. From the first episodes of the revamped show, the Doctor explained how he was now the last of his race after not only fighting in a war against the Daleks, but being the one responsible for ending it. In terms of what details we want to know about the war itself, I can find two areas.

The first is just what differentiates a ‘Time War’ from a regular one? Slightly picky, I know, but a war against a race of time travelling aliens is going to be messy. Something must be in place to prevent the Gallifreyans from simply stopping the conflict before it starts. The second area is the specifics of the conflict itself. We naturally aren’t going to get a detailed run-down of everything leading up to the Time War and the Daleks aren’t exactly the guys to not try and conquer something, but why and when did the conflict reach this monumental level? Who instigated it? Davros? Rassilon? Perhaps the Doctor himself?

This leads neatly onto the next question…

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